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Collaborative Coaching Teams

If you are coaching with other coaches, are you all maximising the impact and involvement of the entire coaching group? Or are you guilty of being a passenger at times?

We see the following scenario time and time again… One coach is coaching, and the assistant coaches have a breather by observing passively, setting out cones or even chin-wagging to other coaches, support staff, parents, and injured players on the side-line.

Often coaches will have specific roles / portfolios / areas such as ‘attack’ or ‘defence’ or ‘goal-keeping’ or ‘scrum’ or ‘shooting circle.’ And often the mentality is to stick inside our role / ‘lane.’ But a siloed approach stifles growth, innovation and even trust. So how can you collaborate to get the best outcomes?

Consider how to develop a coaching culture where you can support each other and feed into each other's areas. Each person takes responsibility for an area but invites ideas from the supporting coaches. This helps build robust discussions, which leads to growth, innovation, alignment and clarity (this can also be applied to the work environment of course).

And when you out coaching the players, support each other. One coach leads a session, with the supporting coaches feeding in, either directly to players or through the lead-coach. Practice time is precious, so maximise the impact of your coaches through quality collaboration. The players will ultimately benefit.


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