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Completing That Task

Isn’t it interesting how many exercising adults (hope that’s you), like to get ‘it done’ in the morning before work. You know the spiel… ‘If I don’t get my workout done before breakfast, I’ll just get busy and will keep putting it off.’ The regular exercise becomes ‘that task’ to get done, as we know that completing ‘that task’ will help us feel better and set us up for a great day. Now ‘that task’ (that just needs completing), can appear in many areas of life. Let’s have a think if you have ‘that task’….

Have you got something that has been on your mind or ‘to do list’ for a while and you keep putting it off? It could be a DIY job at home, tax returns, a difficult job at work, a conversation with someone, a medical check-up... Anything that you keep avoiding, but if you were to complete ‘that task’, it would be like a weight lifting from the shoulders. It is likely that when you think about ‘that task’ it stresses you out, so you avoid it and do the ‘nice stuff.’ Well it’s time to get it done. Why?

When we keep putting ‘that task’ off, it incrementally builds stress. And until we’ve completed it, it slowly applies more and more weight on the shoulders and slows us down. So the challenge today (or even this week) is to get ‘that task’ done. And if you’re a person who likes ‘to-do-lists’ then put ‘that task’ at the top of the list and get it done first. Let’s get it done, cross it off and remove that stress, so we have more energy to do the stuff we love doing…. like coaching.

Now off to change the bike tire, trim the neighbour’s tree, sort my email folders, fold the washing, write next week’s blog….

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