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Purposeful Bumps

Have you had situations when you seem to be at the right place at the right time, when you randomly ‘bump’ into someone? You then get chatting and ideas are shared, magic flows. You leave the coincidental meeting with new vigor, ideas, inspiration. Sometimes it just seems like it was meant to be.

For me personally, I ‘bumped’ into someone I knew in the supermarket. I was looking for this thing on my list called hummus. In my early adult years, I didn’t know what hummus was, so thats what started the convo - “do you know what hhhhuuummuss is?” Long story short, I pretty much got offered a job on the spot and my direction in life changed. Perhaps it was meant to be?

But how can we be purposeful with bumping into people. This is particularly relevant when coaching. We always have the challenge of not enough time - for developing skills, game plans and relationships. We generally assemble teams for practices and get through our work, although are there other opportunities to bump into players and / or key people to accelerate growth?

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This is even more prevalent when coaching representative teams. Players are spread amongst various clubs / schools / other teams and their focus is their respective campaigns. So consider how you might bump into them, without bringing them to more practices, meetings, events. For Example:

  • Go to club / school training. Bump into them before and after. Potentially you can do some coaching.

  • Attend gym sessions - get around and bump into the players and check-in.

  • School teams - walk around school during break times. Bumps aplenty.

But of course there is a line not to cross when bumping into people. Only bump into people at appropriate places and don’t physically bump into someone with a dropped shoulder (‘bumps’ is a metaphor - just saying).


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