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Who’s Leading My Day?

Are you really busy? Under the pump? Got no time for anything? Well, consider… what is the first thing you do when you arrive at work? Do you lead the direction of your day or are you in response mode?

If you start the work day by opening up your emails, phone messages or chatting with colleagues, you are in response mode. Other people are leading your day for you. You’ll start responding to emails and messages, and end up going on tangents, spending time doing tasks you hadn’t planned for. Or a colleague / boss / manager may mention something you hadn’t considered and you get started on their task. You no doubt get to the end of the day and find you are short of time and haven’t completed the important work / task that is critical for your role.

If you start the work day by getting started on that highly important, difficult task, then you’ll be leading your day. You’ll have a plan and get started on it first thing, so you can nail your role and contribute to the team / workplace success.

Now we want good team players that contribute to the team / workplace culture and get stuff done, but consider how to strike a balance. Nail the critical stuff, before opening up and responding to emails (keep it switched off, until needed), checking social media, phone messages or being pulled into idle workplace chatter. You’ll be left feeling energized and have more time in your day (to plan high-impact coaching sessions maybe?).


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