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Group Photo, The Coaching Gig, Thriving Kiwi Coaches, Kyle McLean

ABOUT The Coaching Gig

Sport brings people and communities together. It fosters healthy lifestyles for our people where we can find belonging. We at The Coaching Gig use the vehicle of sport to provide holistic programmes and events to help our people whether that be sport coaches, coach developers, teachers, business leaders or staff. We back ourselves to provide training and development programmes that are participant-centered, on-going and a heap of fun in order to help "Our People Thrive On and Off the Field."

Kyle is the founder of The Coaching Gig. He has over 20 years of coaching

experience ranging from coaching young children, teenagers and the high

performance space. 

Kyle is considered a leader in training and development, where he has

worked and consulted for a range of sporting organisations, including Sport

New Zealand (NZ), NZ Rugby, Netball NZ, NZ Golf, Tennis NZ, Badminton NZ,

Swimming NZ, Surfing NZ, Squash NZ and many regional sporting

organisations, clubs and schools. He also provided Training & Development programmes for workplaces and businesses such as Pak N Save, Flex Fitness, Opac, Barrett Homes, Principals Association, Van Dyks. Check out the 'Leading Teams' programme. 

He brings a fresh approach to training and development where participants are guaranteed to feel supported, yet challenged, as well as having a heap of fun. 

Kyle is a former school teacher, having taught and coached in Primary and Secondary Schools. He is a qualified World Rugby Trainer and Educator and has recently completed his Masters in Sport, Health and Human Performance (specialising in Game Sense Coaching). Amongst that, he is a dedicated husband and father, as well as playing music gigs (ask him to bring his guitar to any session - always a hit).

Check out some of these links to some of his work: 

Group Photo, The Coaching Gig, Thriving Kiwi Coaches, Kyle McLean

ABOUT The founder

I have often used your team as an example of what can be achieved to support our stakeholders in innovative, creative ways especially when led by passionate, smart operators like yourself Kyle.

Wayne Marsters

New Zealand Rugby

Since engaging The Coaching Gig I have found the tools and tips to change my mind-set to achieve better work-life balance, a healthy attitude physically and better productivity at work. The programme has lead to some significant and very positive changes within the business. I was so impressed that I have engaged The Coaching Gig for the entire staff. I am looking forward to seeing the changes in our staff both personally and professionally.

Brendon Phillips

Flex Fitness

I can’t express in words how professional, but more so effervescent, you were when training me. You turned a hard slog into a place to be & left me with a skill set I didn’t have 3 days prior.


Auckland Rugby | Rugby World Cup 2019 Match Official

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