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Coaching Junior rugby

Kids don’t want to stand in queues waiting their turn and doing drill after drill. They want coaches to deliver a fun action-packed experience that captures their imagination. Kids (and us) have an innate love of playing, so 'play' to that.


This resource is based on a Game-Based Coaching approach, which has been carefully designed to help coaches in an on-going way. The resource will support you in building confidence and competence in delivering engaging, fun sessions that actually help your young rugby kids learn quicker.

Why this resource?

Kyle McLean, the founder of The Coaching Gig, is a leader in this Game-

Based Coaching, where he has done work with New Zealand Rugby,

Sport New Zealand, and many Provincial Unions, Clubs, Schools and

Coaches. He has completed his Masters (on the topic of Game Sense)

as well as applying principles in the coaching and teaching field. This resource has been carefully designed, which brings a life-time of knowledge and expertise to make a Game-Based Coaching approach easily digestible for you as a coach. 


When you sign up, you'll have access to the 9 modules (including approximately 50 video examples) for 12 months, that you can pick and choose from: 

  1. Introduction to Game-Based Coaching

  2. How to get Buy-In

  3. Game + Practice Design Principles

  4. Coaching Tackling

  5. Coaching  Attacking Skills 

  6. Coaching Ruck & Maul

  7. Coaching Set-Piece

  8. Scenarios & Game Planning

  9. Questioning Approach + Contexts


Here at The Coaching Gig, we aim to bring the programme to life by offering:

  1. Regular, tips and ideas

  2. Access to workshops

  3. An open line to ask our team questions


We trust that this multi-layered approach will help continue building your confidence and love for this exciting approach.


club partnership plan

On our journeys around the country, we often ask passionate club leaders how important coaches are, where they will inevitably say “hugely important, critical, vital. They impact on 20 kids each year, and most are with us for 5-10 years. We want to support our coaches more, but we are just so busy running the club.”


Based on such interactions, we have started partnering with forward thinking Junior Rugby Clubs and Provincial Unions to service their coaches in an on-going way. We have Partnership Packages available for clubs who want to support their coaches. 

So get in touch to see how we can meet your club needs.

Let's Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

“Putaruru Junior Rugby wants to empower parents who currently find the whole coaching buzz too daunting. We want them to feel supported and provided the guidance they need to coach our young players. Our goal is for our coaches to enjoy the season just as much as our tamariki. This resource will help big time.”

Conor croke

Community Coach and Junior Coordinator

"I must admit I was a little apprehensive about this game based coaching as it's not how I was taught. However 4 weeks back in to coaching with the girls and it's pretty much all I do now. I realised girls standing around in the cold on a rainy day is not enjoyable for anyone including me. I challenged myself to teach the same principles whilst keeping the girls smiling and engaged. So far so good. Girls are ripping in at training and numbers have been great. I just thank you for opening my eyes to a new way."

Kris Falwasser

Community Coach

"As a club we rely on our junior coaches to create and run their own training plans according to their team's skill level and development areas. We are all volunteers not professional coaches, so to be able to give our coaches access to resources and structured support to improve our skills as coaches is an important objective for us at Greerton Marist. Our aim is to improve the experiences of both coaches and players throughout the playing season. Having a tool like this means we can all learn new ways to help our players."

ben rickard

Community Coach and Club President

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