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Leading teams

​The Leading Teams programme aims to help workplaces, business and organisations grow the confidence and capability of Team Leaders to lead with clarity and courage.

The success of any team is reflected in the strength of the leadership. Great leaders pull people together and inspire them to be better than they thought possible. They foster the work environment to be a place where people fell purpose, belonging, joy, and ultimately work hard and get stuff done!

However, leading can be tough as leaders wears many hats – Colleague, Mentor, Counsellor, Mediator, Tactician, Follower…. We want our leaders performing at their best, so they can inspire their staff to maximise their effort to deliver a quality product and service. The Leading Teams programme aims to guide Team

Leaders to get the best out of themselves and their team.

We understand that no two work places are the same, so unlike

many industry training programmes, we at The Coaching Gig design

purpose built programmes to meet the needs of your context. We

use our experience from the sporting landscape to give training and

development some fun and life, that actually engages people to 

make a long-lasting impact.

Organisations we have provided training and development for have

included Pak N Save, Opac, Flex Fitness, Barrett Homes, Principals

Association, as well as sporting organisations including Sport NZ, NZ

Rugby, Badminton NZ, Tennis NZ, Swimming NZ, Netball NZ, NZ Golf.

So get in touch to see if we can help. We are sure we can.

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What does it involve?

Programme May Include: 

  • Developing Vision

  • Building Culture

  • Strategic Planning

  • Establishing Role Clarity

  • Balance and Purpose

  • Communication Skills

  • Enhancing Relationships

  • High Performance Habits

  • Critical Conversations

  • Managing Stress

We also offer in-house review processes and can link with partners relating to Business + Financial Management & Personality Profiling.

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"Since engaging The Coaching Gig I have found the tools and tips to change my mind-set to achieve better work-life balance, a healthy attitude physically and better productivity at work. The programme has lead to some significant and very positive changes within the business. I was so impressed that I have engaged The Coaching Gig for the entire staff. I am looking forward to seeing the changes in our staff both personally and professionally."

Brendon Phillips, Flex Fitness

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