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ABCDE Planning

Are you busy? Most people you talk to comment on how busy life is. But are we busy or a bit useless with your time? Often it is the latter. Time is precious, so we want to spend time in good places (such as coaching). Consider the ABCDE method, made popular by Brian Tracy, to help prioritise life, both at work and at home.

A: The critical task or two that are important / vital. If you didn’t do it, there would be huge consequences. You may refer to A tasks as Frogs. Do this first - eat the frog!

B: These are tasks that are important, but not urgent. Get started on these tasks once you’ve eaten the frog / completed the A task. These are tadpoles.

C: The ‘nice to do’ tasks. Whether you complete these tasks or not, will have no consequence. Most people spend time doing C tasks, trying to avoid the frogs and tadpoles. Eat the frogs and tadpoles before taking on a C task.

D: These are tasks that can be delegated. You don’t need to take on the world by yourself. Use the skills around you.

E: These tasks can be eliminated or exterminated. Don’t even entertain the thought of taking on an E task.

Now remember, eat the frogs and tackle the A tasks first. You’ll find you’ll have plenty of time for the good things in life.



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