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Managing Work Through Omicron

This is a shoutout to all the coaches out there who have taken on increased workload pressures due to the Omicron surge. Many workplaces are being hit hard, while staff isolate. If you’re someone who remains at work to carry the load, remember to look after yourself. We don’t want you burning out, trying to take on the world by yourself. Here are a few gentle reminders. You don’t have to nail all 5 - just pick 2.

Prioritise the really important stuff: As you are likely to be a team player you may be picking up extra work from others. This is great, although you will have to drop some stuff too. Your capacity is only so much, so write the plan, circle the critical work and nail that. Whatever isn’t circled can wait (Eat The Frogs).

Take time for a cuppa: If we feel overworked, our default can be to ‘go go go.’ Schedule in 15 minutes to stop for a cuppa or bite to eat. Just like half-time in a match, we need a chance to reset and keep our energy levels topped up.

Keep moving: When we are busy, exercise is often the first thing to disappear. Find time to move, even for 30 minutes. If you’re really strapped for time, try a walking meeting.

Eat well: If you see a mounting pile of energy drink cans piling up, that’s a slight red flag. Take 10 minutes at the start of the day to prepare decent food, with a couple of treats of course.

Coach: This is what gives us coaches joy. Now more than ever we have a place to give our players and supporting staff something to look forward to. You might not have time to plan the best session, but that’s ok. And you may be frustrated by smaller squad numbers, but just focus on who is in front of you. Enjoy the company of your people. Have a laugh with them, check in, help them.

And just remember this isn’t going to last forever. It will get better. Take care team.

Refer to 'Balance and Purpose' from Leading Coach


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