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Simplifying Life

So you sit down to relax at the end of a busy day by watching a cheeky programme on Netflix. You flick it on and then find yourself wasting time, scrolling through all the options and negotiating (with the Boss) what to watch. What was supposed to be a relaxing time, ends up being a stressful experience. Why?

There are just so many options. This scenario of complexity plays out in many areas of life these days... YouTube, on-line shopping, social media, school choices, recipes… We seem to have so many choices, which can be hard to navigate at times. And with the advent of technology we have everything and anything at our fingertips. It wasn’t that long ago when life was much simpler, where we would turn on the telly and only have two choices - take it or leave it. How to simplify life?

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

This can play out in our work and coaching life too. Work, coaching and team environments may be looking for new opportunities and ways to do things differently so take on more and more and more…. without dropping stuff. We become like magpies and go from one shiny thing to the next. We come up with new initiatives, products, systems, projects and load ourselves and our people up…. often at the expense of the well-being of ourselves and the people around us. Sound familiar? How to simplify life?

It doesn’t appear that society is going to slow down, so how we take responsibility for simplifying life is on us. So consider some of these reflective questions:

  1. What is important?

  2. What helps me feel fulfilled?

  3. Who do I like to spend my time with?

  4. What helps me move forward with life?

And if you can’t work out what Netflix programme to watch, just delegate it (to the Boss).

Refer to 'Balance and Purpose' from the Leading Coach Programme


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