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Strivalists, Thrivalists and Survivalists

In any team, there are essentially three types of players who fall under one of three categories: Strivalist, Thrivalist and Survivalist. Let’s unpack each a bit more…

Strivalist: A strivalist wants to perform, play well and progress to higher honours. They want to stretch themselves and make the next team. They are dedicated, train hard, do the extras and look after themselves. They have schedules, do reflective journaling, take notes at trainings and meetings, eat healthy and fold their washing neatly. We need them as they set the benchmark, where Thrivalists and Survivalists can see a brighter future.

Thrivalists: Thrivalists want to play in the team and see the team do well. They will train hard within the parameters the coach sets, although unlikely to do extras. They are reasonably talented so demand a starting spot, although they aren't that interested in progressing (even if they say they are - their actions don’t match). They have found their level, where they are often referred to as ‘club battlers.’ We need Thrivalists as they are reliable and will be here next year and the year after, as they won’t get picked for any higher honours.

Survivalists: Survivalists are fringe players. Often they have the talent to be Thrivalists, possibly even Strivalists, although they are just happy to be there. They love being part of a team, and although are disappointed when they aren’t selected, they don’t go out of their way to improve or make any changes. At times they show glimpses of extra commitment, although when they finally do get selected or make the starting team, they pat themselves on the back and cruise. We also need Survivalists, so we can actually field a team and they often show leadership and full commitment at the after match.

Although this is overly simplistic, the major message is… all our players are different. They come from different backgrounds and have different motivations and aspirations. Our role is to really understand our players, our people and our team to find out what makes them tick. What works for one, won’t work for the next. So embrace the Strivalist, Thrivalist and Survivalist - there is a special place for all.


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