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The Smoko Break

Our parents' generation grew up with less clutter and external noise than we face now. There weren’t any mobile phones, email, or social media. Life was simple. We face big challenges these days being able to disconnect from all that noise and find free space in our day and mind.

Have you considered, or do you have a routine to switch off from work and other external distractions? How about implementing a “Smoko Break.” Traditionally Smoko was a break from work or an activity to smoke a cigarette. Now we don’t condone smoking or vaping, but how about stopping, having a cuppa and light snack to ‘switch off’ momentarily.

If you work with other colleagues and like being around other people, it is a chance to ‘drop tools,’ connect and have informal yarns. Quality relationships are generally formed through informal connections.

Or if you would prefer your own space, then find a quiet place to stop for 15 minutes or so. Try avoiding the devices (unless you’re reading this blog of course) and decompress the mind. You’ll find an empty mind and sitting with your thoughts will be hugely therapeutic, and you’ll likely come up with some big ideas.


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